EDFA2402 Resources


Welcome to this site, where you can find a variety of resources, designed to assist you in EDFA 2402. As your tutor I hope your interest in the course transcends the mere acquisition of a passing grade. Your personal development is paramount, if you are to impact the lives of your students positively.   It is a truism that 'learning only takes place when there is a change in behavior'. 


This site is not a UWI site. It is one designed by your tutor, to enhance your learning and deepen your understanding, of how to deal with diversity within the school community.


This site provides access to a wide range of materials focused on the various units of EDFA 2402. The readings should complement what you can access on the myelearning page. It should function as a source of reference materials as you prepare your assignments. The materials should also enhance your academic performance and professional development.

We invite you to explore the materials, which can be downloaded and printed.